NHL lockout snags in Canada, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick

The NHL is back in action for the first time since the lockout was declared, with the league set to open on Saturday.

Here are some of the notable moments from the league’s most recent game.


The Islanders are back, but they are not in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

They will play the Boston Bruins in the first round.

That was announced after an 11-minute delay in the game’s broadcast.


The Devils have gone from being a Stanley Cup contender to a Stanley Warped Tour contender.

They are 2-0-1 and have now played in 11 straight games.

They have won four straight and are one of only three teams in the league to have won five straight games since March 12, 2007.


The Jets are back in the playoffs, this time against the Colorado Avalanche.

They won’t have Connor Hellebuyck back, though.

The goalie made his NHL debut Monday night.

He allowed four goals in the loss to the Los Angeles Kings.


The Panthers are in the Western Conference final.

The Kings and Oilers are both in the bottom two.

They’ve both lost to the St. Louis Blues, but the Kings have won eight of their past 10 games against the Oilers.


The Sharks are a playoff team.

They lost in the second round of the playoffs to the Anaheim Ducks, but that doesn’t mean they’re done.

They’re in the last two rounds of the regular season and are looking to make a run at a first-round series.

They beat the Anaheim Predators last night and have two points in their past three games.


The Flames have lost two straight games to the Wild.

They were 3-1-1 before the Kings-Canucks series.

The Wild were 2-1 in their previous games.

The team will play against the New York Islanders in the First Round of the Stanley Cups.


The Stars have gone 9-0 against the Blackhawks, and are 1-1 against the Capitals.

They defeated Chicago 2-3 in the series.


The Ducks have been one of the best teams in hockey.

They went 8-0 before the lockout and won four of their previous five.

The Blackhawks are 1