The Scooby Snacks Company has acquired an air fryer snack company.

The Scoobys, who had been in a protracted legal battle with the Food and Drug Administration, has acquired Art Snacks LLC, a new snack company with the goal of creating more than 1,000 new products by 2019, The Huffington News reports.

Art Snack plans to launch its first product this fall.

The company will also be offering its products through its own online marketplace, the Scooby Blog, in 2018.

The Scoobs original air fryers were made of plastic and had a limited life of 20,000 flights before needing to be replaced.

In 2018, the FDA approved an FDA-approved food additive to help reduce the risk of foodborne illness from the air fryERs.

The FDA has since made it more difficult to add new food additives to food products, but that hasn’t stopped companies from trying.