Happy New Year from our Newsroom

Posted January 04, 2018 05:23:51 We are here to give you our annual Christmas present.

We have a great variety of snack cracker flavours and they are always a hit.

Check out our list of the best Christmas cracker recipes, and enjoy some of our favourite snacks!

A post shared by News.COM.AU (@newscomau) January 04.2018 05:18:24 We love the idea of giving away free crackers to all of you, but we know it is not always possible.

This year we are giving away one lucky winner a box of free cracker crackers.

A tweet posted by Newsroom (@newsroom) January 03.2018 18:31:42 We’re not giving away crackers because we don’t have a free box.

This is because our cracker box is in the newsroom.

It’s the biggest gift we can give, so we’re really excited to share the box with you.

We love you, our readers, and want to hear what you have to say about it.

Have you had a cracker or a snack in the Newsroom?

Tell us about it in the comments below.