‘Mummy’ trailer: Disney’s new mummy movie is a must-see!

NEW YORK (AP) — Disney’s latest animated family-friendly feature isn’t just the next movie in the franchise but a must for any moviegoer.

The latest trailer for Disney’s first animated family movie, “Mummy,” showed a cast of characters from the original animated series playing their own version of the classic horror movie classic, including a group of kids who are just discovering what Halloween is.

It also featured an all-new story that focuses on a group in New York who get into trouble when their families get in over their heads and must figure out how to get back home safely.

Disney is releasing the film Oct. 13 on its digital platforms and on home video.

The studio also plans to stream the film in theaters across the country.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said it’s the most-anticipated animated movie of the year.

“It’s going to be the first time that the whole family is going to get together to watch a movie together, and it’s going a long way in that regard,” he said.

The trailer showed a group at a Halloween party getting into trouble, with a young girl getting into a fight with her parents.

The fight starts out as an innocent fight, but quickly turns into a brawl that leads to a girl’s death.

The family members in the movie are all grown up.

The cast includes a few familiar faces from the Disney series, including Josh Gad, who plays Harry Potter’s wizard Uncle Vernon.

Gad’s character was played by a younger version of actor Jason Bateman in the original film.

The new film opens Oct. 14 in theaters, with more than 300 locations.