How to make homemade snacks for a healthier girl

By JENNIFER SACHAAssociated PressA little girl from New Jersey has made a healthier snack for her family, with homemade chips and chips with homemade salsa and chocolate chip cookies.

Karen, 4, of Brunswick, N.J., is a regular at the Food Emporium on Main Street in downtown Brunswick.

Her sister, Jillian, also attends the Foodemporium.

The girl is known for making snacks with her hands and then placing them in a plastic bag with the chips and cookies in the middle.

“The chips are so fluffy,” she said.

She said the cookies are crunchy and chewy.

Her sister Jillian said the chips are a bit more crunchy than usual because she’s made them with whole grains.

“I think I’ve been eating healthier and healthier,” Jillian told the Brunswick News-Review.

The girl has been making chips and chocolates at home for years, using the same method that she used to make chips for the food store.

The chips, which cost about $1.99 each, are rolled in flour, sugar, cinnamon and cornmeal.

They are also made with fresh basil, olive oil and spices.

The snacks are made from whole grain crackers and are flavored with mint, orange, lemon and lemon juice.

They’re also made to order and come with a homemade snack tag, which includes the name of the snack maker, the recipe, the date and the name and address of the customer.

The daughter of a food and beverage sales rep said she makes snacks with the same methods her sister uses to make them at the food emporium, which she has used for the past three years.

She said she uses ingredients she has grown her own and does the same things at home.

The girls sister Jilliana said she was inspired by the food in the book, “The Good Girl Who Loved Her Chips.”

“I wanted to make healthier snacks,” she told the News- Review.

“I just wanted to be healthier.”

Karen said she had been making the chips for about six years.

She said the first one she made was a few years ago.

Karen loves making her own chips, especially because she has had a hard time keeping up with the latest snacks.

The Food Emporter on Main is owned by a local family business and Karen is proud of the effort she has put into her daughter’s efforts.

“It’s just the things that she wants to do with her life, so it’s not just a challenge,” she added.