How to eat fast at a picnic with joe and a bunch of party snacks

You don’t have to eat like a champ for the picnic.

With the right supplies and a few simple tips, you can do it.

This is a party snack recipe that combines two of the most popular summer food trends.

You’ll want a few of the following, as these are all the party snacks you’ll need:1.

a bag of jam, 2.

a handful of berries, 3.

a few nuts, and 4.

a glass of water.

Here’s how to get started:1.)

Put a jam jar in the fridge for the night.2.)

Get the jam jar out and put the berries, berries, nuts, nuts and water in a large mixing bowl.3.)

Fill the jam container with jam and berries, and jam jar with water.4.)

Place the jar in a warm place for at least a week, ideally overnight, to give the berries and nuts a chance to ripen.5.)

When you’re ready, pop the jam into the jamjar, fill the jar, and put it in the refrigerator.6.)

At some point during the next few weeks, put the jar back in the freezer to let the berries ripen for a couple more weeks.7.)

Take a jar of jam and put your berries, jam, and water into it, and make a jam sandwich.8.)

Place a bunch more berries, or some other fruit in the jam, add the jam sandwich, and enjoy.