Which snacks do you like best?

A bunch of snack cups have come to light this week as consumers increasingly opt to buy more protein-rich foods like chicken, beef, and turkey instead of traditional staples like cheese and nuts.

According to Nielsen, in the U.S. the number of snack drinks is up 21% year-over-year, while the number eating up all snacks is up 25%.

The Nielsen data suggests that while snack drinks are becoming more popular, we may not have gotten to the point yet where the whole food aisle has become an overwhelming focus.

As people continue to shift their shopping from the traditional grocery store to the Internet, we’re also seeing more and more products that aren’t traditionally found in stores disappear.

It’s not clear if this trend is simply a temporary shift, or if the market is heading towards a healthier lifestyle, but the trend is definitely starting to look like a trend that’s worth keeping an eye on.

While many snack drinks still feature an array of protein, it seems like many are opting to cut back on fat and added sugars.

The problem is that many of these drinks have an array that is just too much for some consumers.

Here are some of the best snack drinks in 2017:1.

Kettle Chips: This ketchup-based, sweet-tart snack has become a staple in many Americans’ diet.

But with the popularity of chips, the ketchup and other ingredients are being used more and not in a way that is consistent with what is expected from a healthy diet.

Instead, the chips are used to flavor food that is being served to customers.2.

Caramel Apple Pie: The best part about these candies is that they are vegan, making them perfect for vegans, but they are also packed with sugar and processed ingredients.

Many people find these flavors too sweet and/or have trouble tolerating them.3.

Apple Pie: Apple Pie is a staple snack, and it’s not hard to find a recipe that calls for it.

It is also an ingredient used in so many other snacks, like apple sauce, cinnamon, and other sweeteners.

But it seems that some of these snack drinks might be making the switch to healthier options.

For example, many companies are experimenting with incorporating whole-grain and other whole-food sources of nutrition into their products.

For example, Blue Apron has been experimenting with using almond milk instead of coconut milk in its pies.

This may have made the transition from traditional-flavored to healthier food options easier for some.4.

Chocolate chip cookie dough: Many people will find it difficult to eat a cookie without chocolate, so the cookie dough cookie is often a great way to help with the guilt.

The recipe below uses whole wheat flour and a blend of chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and peanut butter.

This recipe is also vegan.5.

Apple pie sauce: This recipe makes a delicious and nutritious dessert with just a few ingredients: almond milk, sugar, and vanilla extract.

This simple, easy dessert is perfect for a holiday gathering.

It makes a great topping for a turkey burger or other meatless dish.

This is just a taste sample of the dozens of snacks that are popping up on the market.

Consumers are increasingly opting to shop in more places like Walmart and Amazon and are now looking to their local grocery store for a variety of snacks to keep them full for the holidays.

The trend may be continuing, but consumers are starting to be more conscious of what they’re eating.

The best part of the holidays is getting your family and friends to make you their holiday treat.

Make sure you check out our list of the top 10 healthy foods to make for the big day.

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