Which foods are low sodium?

The Food Standards Authority of India (FSAI) has published a list of the foods which it has determined are low in sodium.

It has also listed the foods that it does not deem to be low sodium.

The list has been published on the FSII website under the category Low Sodium Foods.

The FSAI has also asked consumers to provide their nutritional facts to the authority to verify their nutritional value.

Here are some of the list items:Kadoori korma, ghee, paneer, chickpeas, lentil curry, vegetable, chickperry, tomato, tomato paste, potato, chickpops, chutney, tomato curd, tomato powder, tomato sauce, tomato purée, tomato cream, tomato curry, tomato dal, tomato chilli, tomato soup, tomato tomato chillies, vegetable oil, eggplant, tomato puree, tomato pulp, tomato juice, tomato yogurt, potato powder, potato flakes, tomato flakes, carrot, carrot cake, carrot curry, carrot soup, carrot paste, carrot sauce, carrot puree and salt and pepper.